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Our Services

PES’s multi-disciplinary engineering services consist of, but are not limited to, the following services:

Structural/Mechanical Engineering
Performing Global Static and Dynamic Analyses (Operational, Hydrotest, Seismic, Hurricane, Transportation, Lifting, Installation, Retrieval)
Local Finite Element Analyses (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Analysis of Failure Processes in Structures Under Extreme Conditions: Damage, Fatigue, Corrosion, Fracture, etc.
Risk Assessment and Structural Reliability Analysis
Pipe stress Analysis
Cathodic Protection Calculations
Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings
Storage Tanks
Semisubmersible Platforms, FPSO's, TLP's, Spars
Onshore/Offshore Equipment Skids
Topside Modules
Mooring and Anchoring Systems
Riser and Conductor Systems
Rigid/Flexible subsea pipeline systems
Petrochemical Piping systems
Subsea Rigid/Flexible Jumpers
Lifting & Rigging Design
Subsea Systems (Manifolds, PLET's, PLEM's, ILS’s, UTAs, etc.)
Preparing and Witnessing Load Test Reports, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Reports, Onshore/Offshore Mob/De-Mob Procedures

Geotechnical Engineering
Designing and analyzing onshore/offshore shallow/deep foundation systems
Performing Geotechnical Field Explorations, Drilling Sampling
Performing Construction Material Testing (Concrete, Soil, Asphalt, etc.)
Performing Geotechnical/ CMT testing
Preparing Geotechnical Study Reports
Preparing Environmental Study Reports
Designing Residential/commercial Foundations
Designing Subsea Foundations (Mudmats, Suction Piles, Anchor Piles, Slippers, etc.)
Designing Drilled Piers, Laterally Loaded Piles, Auger Cast Piles, Driven Piles, Ring Wall Foundations, Machine Foundations, etc.
Machine Vibration Studies
Performing Settlement Analysis
Performing Soil Improvement Studies

Electrical Engineering
Designing Onshore/Offshore Electrical Equipment Enclosures, Control Building and Substations
Sizing Electrical Equipment such as Transformer, Switchgear, MCC, Capacitor Bank, Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD), Static/Dynamic UPS and Batteries, Cable and BUS duct system.
Designing Lighting, Grounding, Heat Tracing and CP Systems
Electrical Studies such as Short Circuit, Load Flow, Relay Coordination, Motor Starting and Arc flash Studies using ETAP and SKM Softwares
Designing Onshore/Offshore Power Generations using Aero-derivative and Industrial Gas/Diesel Turbine/Engine or Steam Turbines Power Generations

Process Engineering
Onshore/Offshore/Subsea Process Engineering
Designing Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms, Refineries and Gas Plants
Process and Utility Flow diagram
Providing BFD, PFD, P&ID Design and Calculations
NPSH Calculations
Interlock Description
Process Equipment Design
Process Data sheet
Rotary & Stationary Equipment
Sizing of Flare Lines and Drain Lines
Process Simulation Using Hysys and ProMax Softwares
Working with Suppliers to Design and Size the Heavy Duty Rotary Equipment
Preparing Heat and Material Balance
Designing Controlling Systems with Instrumentation
Complex Petrochemical and Utility Areas including Industrial Water Treatment, Desalination Plants, Cooling Water Facilities, Fire Water Systems, Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants.
Designing Cryogenic Plants, Amine and Glycol systems, Contact Towers, Filtration and Separation equipment
Designing Three and Two Phase Separators, Compressor Stations and Pump Stations
Preparing Process Datasheet, Calculation Booklet, Design Criteria, Design Basis, Control philosophy, Relief  Valve and Flare calculations
Preparation of specification, datasheets, drawings, layouts

Welding/Material/Coating Engineering
Review of WPS/PQRs and providing feedback.
Review of welding specifications during the BID phase.
Welding engineering during the start phase of a project;
Development and qualification of Welding Procedures.
Development of welder qualification programs.
Development of welding specifications.
Representing clients during kick-off / pre-inspection meetings.
Troubleshooting during the project on welding and material issues.
Selection of materials and welding consumables
Selection of the welding process
Welded joint design
Welder Training & Testing
Instrumentation monitoring and data Analysis
Developing Customized Structural Health Monitoring and Data Driven Feedback Control Software Packages and Systems
Providing Services for the Continuous and Long-term Monitoring and Control of Large and Complex Offshore, Geotechnical, and Aerospace Structures
Performing Remote, Unattended, Online, Portable Measurements for Buildings, Aircrafts, Retaining Walls, Bridges, Platforms, Pumping Facilities, and Vessel in Harsh Environments
Predicting the Structural Performance, Integrity Assurance, and Operating Life in the Extreme Conditions Using the Real-Time Measurements
Performing Monitoring for Progressive Damage, Fatigue and Fracture Detection, Structural Mechanics, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wave Motion, Solar Radiation, Wind, Power Consumption, Water Consumption, Slop Stability, Vibration, Load, and Pressures, all at multiple Locations
Developing Customized Statistical and Data Analysis Packages for Risk Assessment, Structural Reliability, and Data Driven Feedback Control Based on Time or Conditional Events
advanced materials and Structures
Smart Materials and Structures Analysis
Multi-scale (Atomistic to Continuum) Analysis of Deformation, Damage, Fatigue, and Fracture of Light-Weight/High Strength Ductile/Brittle Materials Under Extreme Conditions:
    High Rate,
    Elevated Temperature,
    Strain Localization and Shear Banding,
    High Velocity Impact Loading,
    Wear and High Speed Sliding
Simulation-Based Material Selection and Design
Electronic Packaging
Advanced Micro/Nano-Manufacturing Processes of Small Structured Devices
Forensic Engineering Services
Investigation of complex structural failures and other accidents to determine the cause and extent of incidents and failures to Steel/Concrete/Wooden Structures, Soils/Geotechnical Incidents, Infrastructure, Storm Damage, etc.
Subsurface Investigations
Document and Data Analysis
Implementing Remediation and Preventive Measures
Evaluation of Remedial Solutions
Cost Estimating and Scheduling
Peer Review
Disputes Review and Construction Dispute Resolution
Expert Witness Testimony
Technical Advisor-Depositions and Testimony
Claims Resolution

Information Technology
Manufacturing Solutions: CAD/CAM software systems, robotics, image processing systems, tool design, process planning and automation.
Customized Enterprise Solutions: customer relationship management (CRM), management information systems (MIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), invoicing, human resource management (HRM), content management (CM), service desk management and business process re-engineering
Big Data Computing/Warehousing: Cloud computing and storage using customized computer clusters or using third party service providers, e.g., Amazon cloud, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.
IT Infrastructure and Maintenance: Network, security, server/desktop management, disaster prevention/recovery, etc. 
Smartphone Apps: iOS, Android, Windows phone.